Getting Started with App Configurations

Welcome to the configuration settings for the Recipe Junction Shopify App! This guide will walk you through customizing and optimizing the app to align perfectly with your store’s needs. With settings like Placeholder Image, Storefront Language, and more, you can tailor the app to enhance your customer’s experience.


Settings Overview

Placeholder Image:


Description: This feature allows you to set a default image that will be displayed in case certain recipes or content do not have an associated image.
Instructions: Simply upload an image file from your device that best represents your brand or the theme of your store. This image will be used as a fallback for missing recipe images.

Storefront Language:


Description: Customize the language in which your storefront’s Recipe Junction content is displayed.
Instructions: Select the desired language from the dropdown menu. This will automatically translate all Recipe Junction content to the chosen language, providing a seamless experience for your customers.

Customize Your Page URL:


Description: Personalize the URL of your Recipe page to match your store’s branding.
Instructions: Enter a custom URL slug that will be appended to your store’s domain, making it easier for customers to remember and find your Recipe page.

Custom Section Widget:


Description: Embed customizable Recent recipe sections into different parts of your Shopify store.
Instructions: You can position this Recent Recipe widget on homepages, product pages, or any other part of your site.

ChatGPT API Key:


Description: Integrate AI-powered ChatGPT functionality into your app for enhanced customer interaction.
Instructions: Enter your ChatGPT API Key in the provided field. This will enable AI-driven features to generate new and unique Recipes including Description, Method, Ingredient, and much more dynamic and engaging content.

Manage Layouts:


Description: Control the overall appearance and layout of your Recipe Junction app on your storefront.
Instructions: Select from various layout templates of your recipe section to match your store’s theme and aesthetics, Ensuring a consistent and attractive look.

Customizing your Recipe Junction Shopify App is a breeze with these intuitive settings. By fine-tuning each setting, you can ensure that the app not only meets your specific requirements but also provides an engaging and seamless experience for your customers.

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