Recipe Junction Uninstallation

While it’s sad to see you go, we at Recipe Junction understand that sometimes change is necessary. If you’ve decided to uninstall our app from your Shopify store, this guide is here to help. We aim to provide you with a hassle-free process, allowing you to remove the app with ease and continue your journey.

Steps for Uninstalling Recipe Junction from Shopify: A Smooth Exit

Log Into Your Shopify Admin: Start by logging into your Shopify account. Access the admin panel by entering your credentials at Shopify’s login page.

Access the Apps Section: In your Shopify admin dashboard, look for the ‘Apps’ menu located on the left-hand side. Click on this menu to view all apps currently installed in your store.

Locate Recipe Junction App: Scroll through the list of installed apps to find Recipe Junction.

Initiate Uninstallation:

Next to the Recipe Junction app, you’ll find a ‘Delete’ button or a ‘Remove’ option. Click on this to start the uninstallation process.
A confirmation dialog box may appear, asking you to confirm your decision to uninstall the app. This step is important to avoid accidental deletions.
Optional Feedback: Upon uninstalling, you might be prompted to provide feedback or a reason for the uninstallation. While this step is optional, it’s helpful for app developers to understand user experiences and improve their services.

Finalize Uninstallation: Confirm your decision to uninstall the app. Once confirmed, Recipe Junction will be removed from your Shopify store.

If you have any questions beyond the scope of this documentation, please feel free to email us at or WhatsApp us at +91 9825041187.